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Ferro Silicon Exporter Kolkata
Ferro Alloys:
Ferro Alloys Supplier KolkataEven today, our manufacturing focus is largely on Bulk Ferro Alloys i.e. Ferro Silicon, Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese. We are amongst the largest producers of Ferro Silicon in India having three manufacturing facilities in the North eastern India. We are about to commission one more facility in Meghalaya which will make us the largest producer of Ferro Silicon in India and amongst the top few producing Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese. Our vision is to become the leading producer of all Bulk Ferro Alloys in India by the year 2016.

Most of our Ferro Alloy production is exported to a highly diversified market covering Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean countries, Far East Asia, The Americas and Africa.
Global Exports of Ferro Alloys   Products wise Export Contribution
Global Exports of Ferro Alloys   Products wise Export Contribution
Iron and Steel Segment:
Iron and Steel SegmentApart from Bulk Ferro Alloys which forms our main focus, we also manufacture and trade in Metallurgical Low Ash Coke, Pig Iron and Mild Steel Billets. These segments complement our Ferro Alloys segment perfectly and help us to serve our customers with a broader spectrum of Iron and Steel products.
Trading Segment:
Trading SegmentOur trading activities complements our manufacturing by finding the optimum destinations for our manufactured products and also ensuring that the right set of customers get the right set of materials. Major products traded are Refractories, Calcined Petroleum Coke and Graphite based products.