Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys Manufacturer IndiaFerro Alloys are essential additives that are added in steel production for de-oxidation and imparting specific properties to finished steel.Bulk Ferro Alloys Manufacturer India

Iron and Steel

box-img-01Mild Steel Steel Billets which are re-rolled to produce steel rebars and Pig Iron which are used as an input for steel makingIron and Steel Manufacturer India


box-img-01Castables, High Alumina Bricks and Silica Ramming Mass, all used in furnaces and structures that are exposed to high temperature zonesRefractories Manufacturer India

Export Achievements

Export AchievementsExport AchievementsAchievements

Quality Assurance

Company ProfileMotex Group

The foundation of Mortex Group was laid in 1977 as a trading company dealing in products of industrial use. The vision, however, was to achieve greater heights.
Buoyed by our initial success in trading and exports, we, at Mortex, realized that the manufacturing sector offered great growth opportunities.